WIKA Recalibration Valve for Retrofitting (GLTC-CV)

For gas density monitors and other leakage detection systems


  • Medium and high-voltage switchgear
  • Calibration of gas density monitors

Special features

  • Retrofitting for leakage detection systems
  • Functional check or recalibration possible without dismounting, in accordance with EU regulation No. 517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases
  • Test connection from stainless steel

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This connection part is used for retrofitting in order to be able to calibrate an existing gas density monitor.
The model GLTC-CV is fitted between the gas tank and the gas density monitor. With the help of the calibration valve, the gas density monitor can be shut off from the process and recalibrated without having to disassemble it. This not only reduces maintenance time but also minimises the risks of SF6 gas emissions and potential leakages during recommissioning.

Easy and fast recalibration
With regard to switchgear safety, asset protection and environmental protection, it is common to perform functional checks of a gas density monitor on a regular basis. Article 5 of EU regulation No. 517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases, provides for checking of the leakage detection system at least every 6 years if it contains > 22 kg SF6 gas and the plant was commissioned after 01 January 2017.

When connecting a test instrument (e.g. model ACS-10 or model BCS-10) to the recalibration valve, the gas density monitor is automatically disconnected from the gas compartment and a recalibration can be performed. The test instrument can then be disconnected from the recalibration valve and the connection to the gas compartment is re-established automatically.


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