WIKA Protection Tube (TW61)

For sanitary applications, for orbital welding


  • Sanitary applications
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Bio and pharmaceutical industry, production of active ingredients

Special features

  • Materials and surface finish quality in accordance with the standards of hygienic designs
  • Self-draining
  • Dead-space minimised
  • For orbital welding

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The patented thermowell model TW61 (patent, property right: DE 102010037994 and US 12 897.080) is used to adapt a model TR21-B or TR22-B resistance thermometer to the process and to protect the sensor from harsh process conditions. To integrate it into the process, the thermowell is directly orbitally-welded into a pipeline. The connection ends are smooth and prepared for orbital welding.

The measuring insert can be withdrawn together with the connection head. This makes it possible to calibrate the thermometer with the entire measuring chain, on-site, without disconnecting the electrical connections. In addition, this avoids having to open the process, and thus the risk of contamination is minimised. In combination with a model TR22-B resistance thermometer, the rotatable threaded connection of the connection head or the display can be loosened and turned to the desired orientation.