WIKA Primary Standard Differential Pressure Balance (CPB6000DP)


  • High-level primary standard
  • Test and calibration of differential sensors and transmitters
  • Positive or negative differential pressure
  • Cross-float measurement for piston-cylinder system effective area determination

Special Features

  • Measuring range (= static pressure + differential pressure) up to 800 bar / 11,600 psi pneumatic
  • Total measurement uncertainty to 0.008 % of differential pressure plus 0.0001 % (1 ppm) of static pressure
  • COFRAC calibration certificate included as standard
  • High long-term stability with recommended recalibration cycle every five years
  • DP from 10 Pa up to 800 bar / 0.04 inH2O up to 11,600 psi with static pressure effects down to 1 ppm

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Reference primary standards
Pressure balances are high precision fundamental pressure standards that define the derived unit of pressure directly from the fundamental units of mass, length and time following the formula p = F/A.

The direct measurement of the pressure with a pressure balance combined to the know-how of Desgranges & Huot guarantee the best metrological specifications on the market.

  • High-quality piston-cylinder units (high floating time and long-term stability)
  • Cast aluminium case and robust sub-assemblies (minimum maintenance and overhaul services)

The CPB6000DP is designed for differential pressure calibration and high static line pressure and consists of dual liquid lubricated gas type pressure balances.

A CPB6000DP balance is the combination of two CPB6000-PX balances:

  • Integrated into one common case to facilitate operation and improve measurement.
  • Built-in pressure controls are provided
  • One side of a CPB6000DP can also be used as a CPB6000-PX for gauge pressure calibrations

The pressure balances of the series CPB6000 are applicable in a very wide variety of pressure calibration and measurement tasks. Appropriate configurations are available for use in primary standards laboratories and as reference instruments on the shop floor.


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