WIKA Multipoint Resistance Thermometer in Band Design (TR95)

With or without thermowell


  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Measurement of temperature layerings or hotspots in reactors
  • Fuel depots

Special features

  • Versions to customer specification
  • Various process connections
  • Exchangeable measuring inserts
  • Application in conjunction with a thermowell
  • Explosion-protected versions Ex i, Ex n and NAMUR NE24

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Multipoint thermometers are often used for measuring temperature profiles in reactors or fuel depots or for the detection of the so-called “hotspots”. The so-called multipoint thermometer in band design is a common construction. In this design, several, if required, exchangeable thermocouples or resistance thermometers are linearly arranged on a guide band.

To achieve rapid response times, the individual measuring points are pressed by pressure springs to the internal side of the thermowell which forms a single entity with the thermometer or which can ideally be an already existing component of the reactor. Connection terminals or temperature transmitters are placed in the connection housing which is either a component of the multipoint thermometer or can be mounted separately, e.g. on a wall or pipeline.