WIKA Manifold Thermocouple (TC47-MT)

For the plastics machinery industry


  • Plastics and rubber industry
  • Hot runner manifolds for injection mould machines
  • Injection moulding tools

Special features

  • Application range up to 400 °C [752 °F]
  • Thermocouple cable standard with glass-fibre insulation and stainless steel braid
  • Thermocouple type J or K in accordance with IEC 60584 or ASTM E230
  • The manifold thermocouple is a low profile design
  • Interchangeable and easily replaceable

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The TC47-MT manifold thermocouple is a general purpose temperature sensor designed to suit all applications where medium to low profile temperature detection is required. The thermocouple is designed to sense temperature where the metal sensor tip is fitted directly into a drilled hole.

The manifold thermocouple is held in place with a screw. This allows the sensor to have positive pressure at the tip when installed correctly. Due to the construction design, these sensors can be applied in areas that have a harsh environment and difficult to reach.