WIKA Magnetic Surface Thermocouple (TC52-M)

For high temperatures


  • Tanks
  • Reactor shells
  • High-pressure and high-temperature reactors
  • Coke drums and shells
  • Hydrocracker units

Special features

  • Simplified maintenance and sensor removal without the use of specialised tools
  • Maximum surface contact tip design
  • High-temperature applications (up to 540 °C [1,000 °F])

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The magnetic thermocouple is designed as a non-welded option for vessel wall temperature measurement. The circular magnet design incorporates an insulation barrier from radiant heat along with a sensor tip designed to maximise surface contact to ensure accurate temperature measurement.

The neck extension can be manufactured to length based on insulation thickness. The spring-loaded neck extension ensures sensor contact with the vessel wall and allows for maintenance without the use of tools above the insulation/cladding of the vessel.