WIKA Magnetic Quick Connector (magWIK)


  • Configuration of all WIKA temperature transmitters
  • For accelerated connection for all configuration and calibration processes

Special features

  • Replacement for crocodile clips and HART® terminals
  • The simplest and fastest electrical connection
  • Safe and secure electrical connection
  • Screws no longer needed
  • Immense time saving

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With the patented magWIK magnetic quick connector, all WIKA temperature transmitters can be safely and securely connected in the shortest of times without having to unscrew and screw in the terminals.

With the “magnetic coupling”, both legs of the magWIK are connected. Thus, the plus and minus terminals of the transmitters can be very easily, quickly and simultaneously connected. Through the possible separation of the legs, the possible uses are even more flexible.

The magWIK consists of an unbreakable insulation and is designed for the connection of 2 mm plug contacts or, with adapter, for standard 4 mm plug contacts. It can basically be used with all magnetic screws and grommets.