WIKA Magnetic-İnductive Flow Meter (FLC-2100F)

Version with Victaulic® pipe connection


  • Earthquake devices
  • Fire protection devices
  • Building engineering

Special features

  • Victaulic® pipe connection
  • Individual assembly without welding
  • High shock resistance and vibration dampening
  • High abrasion resistance

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Magnetic-inductive flow meters are based on the Faraday principle, by which a conductor which traverses a magnetic field generates a potential oriented perpendicular to that field. The flow tube is enclosed by two flanges and also by two coils. The magnetic field which is generated by the electric current running through the coils induces a potential difference in the electrodes that is proportional to the flow being measured.

A WIKA signal converter, either attached directly to the instrument or separated from it (e.g. model FLC-608), generates the current to supply the magnetic coil, detects the potential difference between the electrodes, processes the signal to calculate the flow and manages communication with the external control systems.

The model FLC-2100F uses an innovative pipe connection technology to enable safe and easy installation without welding. For the assembly, common hand tools are used.

Victaulic® pipe connections were patented in 1919. Today, they ensure, worldwide, that a fast operation is possible with increased safety and reliability.

The Rilsan® lining ensures reliable protection of metal parts against corrosion, even by aggressive media such as wastewater, seawater, hydrocarbons or chemical media.


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