Measuring Probe (A2G-FM)

For ventilation and air-conditioning


  • Air flow measurement in circular ventilation pipes
  • Air flow measurement in rectangular ventilation ducts

Special features

  • Multipoint-point measurement for averaging to ensure a high accuracy
  • Suitable for low air velocities down to 1 m/s
  • Very easy to install
  • Available in two versions
    – For circular ventilation pipes (version R)
    – For rectangular ventilation ducts (version L)

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The model A2G-FM measuring probe measures air velocities and air flows in ventilation and air-conditioning systems. The intelligent design makes for a very easy installation in existing ventilation pipes and ducts.

The A2G-FM measuring probe has 4 … 12 openings (holes) on each side. The differential pressure openings on the front and back side are separated from each other by design and form two pressure chambers. The length of the measuring probe determines the number of openings. According to the differential pressure method, a dynamic overpressure, the so-called pitot pressure, is created at the front of the measuring probe. Inside the measuring probe, the pressures applied to the differential pressure openings are averaged and fed through to the volumetric flow meter via separate hose connections.

The averaging function enables the probe to better correct interfered flow profiles, which occur many times in the air

duct network, and to measure the air flow more accurately compared to a single-point measurement. The unique shape of the probe enables measurement even at very low air velocities of down to 1.0 m/s.

In combination with the model A2G-25 air flow meter, this offers the user a very accurate and cost-effective air flow measuring equipment.

In conjunction with the model A2G-100 PID controller, a highly efficient and very easily adjusted air flow control for ventilation and air-conditioning systems can be provided.

The measuring probe is available in two different versions, depending on the requirements and the installation situation. The version R is used for circular ventilation pipes and the version L for rectangular ventilation ducts.


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