WIKA Instrument Mounting Brackets (910.16)


  • For mounting pressure gauge and other indicating instruments

Special Features

  • For versions to DIN 16 281 the instrument mounting bracket is designed as a two-piece clamp. With the split clamp of the other versions, instruments with fixed lines connected, e.g. diaphragm seals with capillaries, can also be easily mounted in the bracket by feeding them in from the side and clamping them.
  • DIN 16 281 version, Form H, for wall mounting Aluminium casting, with powder coating, black, stainless steel 1.4571, welded, pickled, stock-finish
  • DIN 16 281 version, Form A, for wall, pipe or support mounting Malleable cast iron, hot-galvanised, with powder coating, black
  • Pipe mounting version to fit DN 20 to DN 80 (¾ to 3 in.) pipe size Steel, zinc-plated

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Process connection G ½ B / G ½ and ½ NPT per EN 837-1 from brass, steel or stainless steel 1.4571


Direct fitting instrument mounting bracket
The instrument bracket has a 30 mm diameter to hold the pressure gauge directly around its 22 mm square shank. No additional adapter is required.

  • Bracket for wall mounting
    Steel with silver paint finish
  • Bracket for pipe mounting to fit DN 20 to DN 80 (¾ to 3 in.) pipe size
    Steel with silver paint finish