WIKA Hydraulic Pipeline Tester (80, 80L)


  • Leak and yield strength testing
  • Detection of frictional pressure losses along pipelines
  • Monitoring of gas pressure associated with flow metering
  • Measurement of well head gas pressure and hydraulic test pressure of riser pipe
  • Measurement of steam pressure for efficiency testing

Special features

  • Ranges: from 30 … 600 bar / 500 … 8,000 psi (model 80) and from 7 … 120 bar / 100 … 1,600 psi (model 80L)
  • Accuracy: 0.03 % + 0.05 bar (model 80) and 0.04 % + 0.015 bar (model 80L)
  • Ergonomic layout ideal for field use
  • All instruments supplied with certification traceable to national standards
  • UKAS certificate is available through our pressure standards laboratory as an optional extra

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Accurate measurement of pressures
The hydraulic pipeline tester is a portable unit suitable for the accurate measurement of arbitrary and fluctuating pressure, which occur in power plants, pipelines and many other applications.

Basic principle
To measure a pressure, masses are added to the piston unit corresponding to a pressure just below that to be measured. The total downward force of the masses is then in excess of the pressure to be measured and is balanced by the pressure produced by the spindle pump applied to the stepped area of the piston which pushes it upwards.

This low pressure is indicated on the precision dial pressure gauge specially graduated so that the reading of the gauge only is added to the pressure equivalent of the masses used. The weight of the mass carrier corresponds to the scale range of the dial gauge and is ignored.

Traceable to national standards
The piston unit and test masses supplied with this pipeline tester have been calibrated against standards which are traceable to National Standards.


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