WIKA Hot Runner Thermocouple (TC46)


  • Plastics and rubber industry
  • Hot runner bushings and nozzles
  • Hot runner manifolds
  • Moulds used in injection moulding machines
  • For direct installation into the process

Special features

  • Exclusion of potential faults during installation and operation in hot runner systems thanks to plasticencapsulated transition
  • The thermocouple can be installed without any fixing through bending or forming the sheathed cable or with a rotatable (if required, spring-loaded) union screw
  • Probe diameter 0.5 … 3.0 mm [0.020 … 0.118 in]
  • Kapton®, as the industry standard insulating material for connection cables

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The TC46 series thermocouples are custom-designed to suit all applications where sheathed thermocouples are required. An extensive range of elements, transition sleeves and process connections can be individually selected for the appropriate application. With the flexibility and small diameters in which they are available, model TC46 thermocouples can be used in locations that are not easily accessible.

Thanks to their unique design, the hot runner thermocouples are especially suited for applications where the metal sensor tip is fitted directly into a drilled hole or press-fitted into a grooved channel along the machined parts.

In the standard version the thermocouples are manufactured without process connections. Fastening elements such as a union screw, a compression fitting, or a spring-loaded or customer-specific hold down device can be attached and are available as options.