WIKA High-Pressure Connection Adapters and Couplings (HPAC)

Nominal pressure of 15,000 … 60,000 psi [1,034 … 4,136 bar]


  • Oil and gas, chemical industry, machine building and automation
  • For injection systems, test benches and hydraulic power packs
  • Blasting/cutting with water, high-pressure cleaning

Special features

  • One-piece design
  • Laser marked for identification
  • Large selection of materials and configurations available
  • Customer-specific combination of adapters, fittings, valves and measuring instruments (instrument hook-up) on request

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The model HPAC high-pressure connection adapters and couplings have been developed for high-pressure applications of 15,000 … 60,000 psi [1,034 … 4,136 bar]. The connection adapters and couplings are particularly suitable for a safe connection to high-pressure valves, nipples and fittings, even in control panels, where the space is restricted, or in test benches.

A wide range of connection adapters and couplings is available, including male-female, male-male or female-female, with NPT threads or as cone/thread (C&T) version.

The design and the use of high-quality materials ensure long operating times and high leak tightness.

Carefully packed, damage is prevented in particular by thread protective caps on the external threads.
Every adapter is laser marked for identification with article number, nominal pressure, connection size and more details.

On request, WIKA offers the professional assembly of valves and pressure measuring instruments and also other accessories into a ready-to-install instrument hook-up. To ensure the functionality of the complete system, an additional leak test is carried out on the instrument hook-up.