WIKA Flushing Ring (910.27)

For flange-connection diaphragm seals


  • For flange-connection diaphragm seals with flush diaphragm or cell-type design
  • Flushing of process lines to avoid deposits or clogging
  • Cleaning deposits off diaphragms
  • Measuring location calibration after separation from the process

Special Features

  • Wide choice of special materials
  • Common standards, nominal widths and flushing connections available
  • Flushing bores with plug screws
  • Flushing ring with mounted valves

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The model 910.27 flushing ring is mounted between the diaphragm seal (either flange-type or cell-type design) and the process flange using standardised sealings.

The flushing ring is available with one or two flushing bores located at the side. Deposits, especially those on the diaphragm, can be removed by flushing and cleaning in order to avoid any impairment of the measurement.

Flushing rings with mounted valves extend diaphragm seal systems so that maintenance can be carried out with them still fitted.

Measuring location calibration without dismounting
By using the flushing ring with mounted valves and an upstream shut-off valve, calibration can be performed on-site. In its product portfolio, WIKA has the calibration equipment needed for this e.g. precision digital pressure gauge, model CPG1500 and also the required pressure generation e.g. hand pump, model CPP30 or model CPP1000-H.