WIKA Flow Meter (FLC-1222)

Insertion version


  • Water network management
  • Leakage detection systems
  • Data acquisition and analysis

Special features

  • Can be used as a mobile or permanent measuring instrument, thanks to “hot tapping” (drilling of pipelines under pressure)
  • Pressure gauge connection available
  • Testing of flow meters on-site
  • No moving parts and no pressure loss

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The model FLC-1222 flow meter is a cost-saving solution for flow monitoring. The possibility of a “hot tapping” installation, without having to empty the flow tube, enables the compact measuring instrument to be installed quickly and easily. The instrument can be used as a mobile or as a permanent solution.


The flow meter is available in three sizes and is suitable for use in pipe sizes of DN 50 to DN 2600. Thus, a wide range of flow volumes and velocities can be measured, even in demanding applications.


The robust design, which requires no maintenance, enables a high-precision bi-directional measurement. Internal components are lined to protect them against external influences.

A WIKA signal converter, either attached directly to the instrument or separated from it (e.g. model FLC-608), detects the potential difference between the electrodes, processes the signal to calculate the flow and manages communication with the external control systems.


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