WIKA Flexible Multipoint Thermometer for Pipewells (TR96-O, TC96-O)

With/without purge


  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Measurement of temperature layerings or hotspots in reactors
  • Fuel depots

Special features

  • Flexible installation
  • Secondary containment
  • Replaceability

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Multipoint thermometers are often used for measuring temperature profiles in reactors or fuel depots or for the detection of the so-called “hotspots”.

To achieve rapid response times, the individual measuring points are pressed by pressure springs to the internal side of the pipewell which forms a single entity with the thermometer or which can ideally be an already existing component of the reactor. Connection terminals or temperature transmitters are placed in the connection housing which is either a component of the multipoint thermometer or can be mounted separately, e.g. on a wall or pipeline.

The Tx96-O is a unique product offering superior reliability, utility and safety. The Flex-O™ design substantially improved the science of reactor temperature measurement. It allows temperature measurement at various levels throughout the reactor with the use of multiple measuring points; and it does so while offering a flexibility feature that makes installation easier.


Additionally, that flexibility ensures that the sensor tip remains in continuous contact with the inner wall of the pipewell, even in the event of pipewell warpage. These characteristics, as well as Flex-O™‘s replaceability, speed of response, bimetallic actuation and point density, have made this design a standard used throughout the industry.

The Flex-O™ purge is a unique product feature for increased safety, by purging contaminants and providing internal pipewell pressure relief. The purge design incorporates a single, heavy-wall center support tube which provides a purging gas the entire length of the pipewell. The purging protects the internal of the pipewell and thermocouple sensors.

All Flex-O™ designs are customer engineered for each specific customer application and need.