WIKA Differential Pressure Gauge with Pressure Switch (A2G-90)

For ventilation and air-conditioning


  • For monitoring the differential pressure of air and other non-inflammable and non-aggressive gases
  • Monitoring of air filters, fans, industrial cooling circuits, flows in ventilation ducts and the control of air and fire dampers

Special Features

  • Compact indicator and pressure switch fitted within a plastic case (Airbox)
  • Single pole micro switch (SPDT)
  • Switch point settable when installed
  • All connections already pre-assembled

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The air2guide Airbox is a combination of a mechanical analogue indicator and a differential pressure switch, which have been fitted within a plastic case. The case is made from PC/ABS 1625 plastic (H x W x D = 9.45 x 7.52 x 4.33 inches) and with all connections built in. The cover is screwed on.

The ingress protection is IP 54.

The air2guide Airbox is ideally suited to the measurement and switching of overpressures and differential pressures in the measuring ranges from 0 … 1 InWC to 0 … 24 InWC.