WIKA Differential Pressure Gauge with Micro Switches (DPGS40TA)

With integrated working pressure indication (DELTA-comb), with component testing


Monitoring and control of filtration, flow and level for:
  • Heat transfer oil plants
  • Boilers and pressure vessels
  • Marine boilers, bilge-water collection
  • Water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Pressure-boosting stations, heating technology, fire-extinguishing systems

Special features

  • Differential pressure gauge with integrated working pressure indication and microswitch
  • Shatterproof window and robust aluminium or stainless steel measuring chamber for increased requirements
  • TÜV-certified functional safety of the instruments through SIL certificate
  • Flow monitor with safety function in accordance with VdTÜV code of practice “Flow 100”
  • DNV GL approval

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The differential pressure gauges of the DELTA-line product family are primarily used for the monitoring and control of low differential pressures where there are high requirements in terms of one-sided overload and static pressure.
Typical markets for the model DPGS40TA are the shipbuilding industry, process heating technology, the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning industries, the water/wastewater industry, and machine building and plant construction.

Wherever a differential pressure has to be indicated locally and, at the same time, circuits need to be switched safely dependent on a defined differential pressure, the DELTA-comb finds its use.
The differential pressure remains readable on the mechanical display, even if the voltage supply is lost.

The switch point is accessible from the front and can be set in the range of 10 … 100 % of the end value of the measuring range by means of an assistant scale.
As a result of the low measuring range of 0 … 250 mbar, the instrument can also be used for applications with low differential pressures.

The measuring chamber, depending on the requirement and application, can be made from aluminium or stainless steel. Through the increased stability, the stainless steel measuring chamber is also suitable for gaseous media.
The special feature of the DELTA-comb with component testing is shown by the variety of approvals and certificates. These ensure the suitability for operation in the respective application.