WIKA Compact Pressure Switch (PSM01)

For industrial applications


  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Mobile working machines
  • General machine building

Special features

  • Setting ranges: 0.2 … 2 bar [3 … 30 psi] to 30 … 320 bar [450 … 4,600 psi] and -0.85 … -0.15 bar [-25 inHg … -5 inHg]
  • Non-repeatability of the switch point: ≤ 2 %
  • Switching functions: Normally closed, normally open or change-over contact
  • Media: Compressed air, neutral and self-lubricating fluids and neutral gases

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Model PSM01 screw-in pressure switches in a diaphragm or piston design open or close a circuit, depending on whether the pressure is falling or rising. An adjustment screw enables easy and convenient on-site setting of the required switch point.
Optionally, WIKA offers its customers the factory setting of the switch point.

The model PSM01 pressure switch is suitable for applications where compressed air, neutral and self-lubricating fluids as well as neutral gases are used.

This pressure switch features a good non-repeatability of the switch point of ≤ 2 % of the span. The compact design is suitable for easy mounting with a socket wrench. The switch is interesting for both OEM customers and customers with low volumes.