WIKA Calibration System for Gas Density İnstrumentation (ACS-10)


  • Fully automatic testing of SF6 density measuring instruments through comparative measurements
  • Simple measurement on-site, in the laboratory or in the workshop

Special features

  • Fully automatic testing of leakage detection systems
  • Pressure generation via an integrated compressor
  • Highly accurate pressure reference sensors with an accuracy of 0.06 %
  • Variable connection concept of the test items
  • Suitable for a wide range of leakage detection systems

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Simple operation
The calibration system model ACS-10 is used for the fully automated testing of the SF6 gas density and pressure measuring instruments through comparative measurements. This calibration system is used to check quickly and easily both density-based and pressure-based mechanical measuring instruments.

Functional check in accordance with the F-gas regulation
With regard to switchgear safety, asset protection and environmental protection, it is common to perform functional checks of the leakage detection systems on a regular basis. Article 5 of the EU regulation on fluorinated greenhouse gases provides for checking of the leakage detection system at least every 6 years if it contains more than 22 kg [48.5 lbs] SF6 gas and the electrical asset was installed after 01 January 2017.

Fast field recalibration
All necessary components required for a fully automatic recalibration are integrated in this calibration case. The large touch display enables easy configuration of the test parameters, explains the test process step by step and enables clear management and viewing of historical test results.


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