WIKA Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge with Electronic Pressure Switch (PGS25)

Stainless steel case, NS 50 and 63


  • General machine building
  • Technical and medical gases
  • Renewable energies

Special Features

  • Non-contact sensor (wear-free)
  • Robust stainless steel case
  • Scale ranges 0 … 1.6 bar to 0 … 400 bar
  • NPN or PNP switching outputs
  • Both switch points factory-programmable between 5 % and 95 % of the scale range

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The robust model PGS25 switchGAUGE is a combination of a Bourdon tube pressure gauge and a pressure switch. It offers the usual analogue display, which enables reading the process pressure on site, and in addition the possibility to switch up to two electrical signals. The switch contacts are factory-set in a range between 5 % and 95 % of the scale range.
The measuring system with Bourdon tube per EN 837-1 produces a pointer rotation proportional to the pressure. An electronic angle encoder, proven in safety-critical automotive applications, determines the position of the pointer shaft – it is a non-contact sensor and therefore completely free from wear and friction. That provides a pressure-proportional signal for further processing. Depending on the switch point setting, the circuit is opened or closed when the alarm value is reached.


Thus the switchGAUGE can be used actively for process monitoring, for example to control the level of a gas cylinder or a hydraulic circuit. The switchGAUGE is available as standard in scale ranges from 0 … 1.6 bar to 0 … 400 bar with an accuracy class of 2.5 and a 1 m round cable for the electical connection. The stainless steel case fulfils the requirements of IP65 ingress protection. The resistance to shock and vibration can be increased by the silicone oil case filling. Thus the instrument is perfectly suited for use in harsh industrial environments. Through various options (e.g. higher accuracy class, other cable length) the pressure measuring instrument can be matched exactly to the the customer-specific requirements of each application.