WIKA Bilge Float Switch (RLS-5000)

For the shipbuilding industry


  • Shipbuilding
  • Bilge water management
  • Applications with strong mechanical loading
  • Contaminated media

Special features

  • Robust stainless steel case to protect against mechanical damage
  • Durable and resistant marine cable
  • With manual test device (optional)

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The model RLS-5000 bilge float switch is used for the monitoring of limit levels in shipbuilding (e.g. in bilge water tanks) and industrial applications. The robust stainless steel case and the durable marine cable outlet protect the float system even under high mechanical loading, e.g. due to flotsam such as sticks and pieces of wood. Inside the stainless steel case, a permanent magnet built into the float triggers, with its magnetic field, the potential-free reed contact built into the pipe.


The triggering of the reed contact by the permanent magnet is contact-free and thus free from wear. The reed switch function is freely definable as normally open, normally closed or change-over contact. In the event of maintenance, the optionally available test device enables the manual triggering of the float by a movable wire bracket.

With its optimised mechanical design and certification in accordance with the leading maritime standards, the RLS-5000 is particularly suitable for long-term and reliable use in shipbuilding applications.


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