WIKA Pressure Sensor (P-30, P-31)

For precision measurements


  • Measurement and test benches
  • Calibration technology
  • Laboratories
  • Plant construction and machine building

Special Features

  • Accuracy 0.1 %, without additional temperature error in a range of 10 … 60 °C
  • Optional accuracy of 0.05 % (full scale) available
  • Fast measuring rates up to 1 kHz
  • Analogue, USB and CANopen® output signals available
  • On-site calibration possible using product software

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The model P-30 and P-31 pressure sensors have been developed for precision measurements and guarantee precision measurements with a maximum measuring deviation of as low as 0.05 % of span. As a result of their active temperature compensation, these pressure transmitters have no additional temperature error in the range of 10 … 60 °C.


The high measuring and output rates of up to 1 kHz make the measured value available as quickly as possible.


The compact design makes the pressure transmitter ideal for mounting into test benches, such as 19″ racks.


The models P-30 and P-31 offer a wide selection of electrical connections, process connections and measuring ranges, as well as a large number of different output signals. In addition to the standard analogue signals, USB and CANopen® versions are also available.

Via a USB service interface and the WIKA configuration software “EasyCom”, the models P-30 and P-31 can quickly and easily be adjusted on site.

Thanks to the simple-to-use software “Wika data logger“, the USB version can also be used to save measured values and create customised reports.