Pitot Tube (FLC-APT-E, FLC-APT-F)

Extractable version or fixed version

Applications of the pitot tube

  • Oil production and refining
  • Water treatment and distribution
  • Gas processing and transmission
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry

Special Features of the pitot tube

  • Suitable for liquid, gas and steam flow measurement
  • Accuracy ≤ ±2 % of actual flow rate
  • Repeatability of measurement 0.1 %
  • Ensure the lowest pressure loss in the family of primary flow elements (approx. < 1 %)

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Our FloTec pitot tubes are used for measuring flow according to the differential pressure principle. The volumetric flow is calculated from the difference between the static pressure and the dynamic pressure using Bernoulli’s principle and taking into account the pipe inner diameter. Using four dynamic ports this instrument is able to evaluate a better profile for the velocity inside the pipe. This ensures a higher accuracy in the measurement.

The upstream side is designed to generate a break point, due to which the medium passes around the pitot tube without causing any turbulence. This feature creates a stable pressure with a constant flow coefficient at the downstream measuring point, even at high flow rates. Thus a very wide range of applications in the field of flow measurement is enabled.

Depending on the inner diameter, the medium characteristics and the Reynolds number, a vortex will be generated around the pitot tube. A support mounted on the opposite side of the pipe can be supplied should the natural frequency of the pitot coincide with the vortex shedding frequency. The necessity test is performed during the design phase.


The differential pressure output of the pitot tube is normally connected to a differential pressure transmitter in order to generate an electrical signal from the differential pressure. This electrical signal is proportional to the flow rate. A differential pressure gauge or a differential pressure switch can be used to provide local indication of the flow rate or for switching tasks.

Depending on the selected mounting type, the flange will respect the nominal pressure rating of the pipeline (in accordance with the relevant standards). The pitot tube is suitable for the measurement of one-phase media which completely fill the cross-section of the pipe. The nominal sizes range from 50 … 1,800 mm (2″ … 72″), the pipe schedule is specified by the customer.

Main characteristics of the pitot tube:

  • Low installation costs
  • Long-term accuracy
  • Minimal unrecovered pressure loss
  • Available in fixed and extractable versions
  • Completely from stainless steel AISI 316, other materials are available on request


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