Flow Switch (FSM-6100)

For industrial heat exchangers


  • Heating, cooling, air-conditioning and water treatment plants
  • Pumps and dosing systems
  • Operational controls to prevent system failures in the absence of supply of water or liquid

Special features

  • Switch point repeatability of ±0.5 % for reliable switching
  • High-quality bellows and microswitch for a service life of > 500,000 cycles
  • Rigid paddles from stainless steel to withstand pressure surges and high medium temperatures

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The model FSM-6100 electromechanical flow switch is designed for the detection of interrupted flow (“no flow”) of water and other non-corrosive liquids in industrial coolers, heaters or other industrial pipelines.

The flow switch signal is used for operational controls that prevent system failure, e.g. due to ice formation in the absence of cooling water flow.

The cost-effective flow switch is enclosed by a plastic case. The ingress protection of IP30 protects it from unwanted ingress of foreign bodies.

The model FSM-6100 is equipped with UL-listed microswitches and protective bellows to ensure high durability with continuous operation and a long service life.

The range of flow ranges, with pipe sizes from 25 … 150 mm [1 … 6 in], enables use for flow measurement in a variety of applications with non-critical media.


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