WIKA Twistlock Sensor System up to 25 t (TWLMS)


  • Container weighing directly on the spreader
  • Determination of the load distribution in the container
  • For Reachstacker, Straddle Carrier, Rubber Tired Gantry Crane (RTG), Ship to Shore Cranes (STS)

Special features

  • Measuring ranges 0 … 6 t up to 0 … 25 t (others possible)
  • Relative linearity error < 0.5 % Fnom
  • Type tested in accordance with OIML R60 (certificate R60/2000-A-NL-18.05) with D175
  • Optimal for retrofitting with simple integration into the crane network through CANopen® and CAN SAE J1939 technologies
  • High overload capacity, long service life of the measuring spring, large shock and vibration resistance

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The twistlock sensor system is used for weight measurement on spreaders and, with that, the weighing of containers prior to loading and also the determination of the weight distribution in the container.

The non-measuring twistlocks in the spreader are replaced by the twistlock sensor system (TWLMS). The system consists of the model F9205 twistlock sensor, fully assembled in the factory in the customer-supplied and pre-drilled twistlock, including adjustment and temperature compensation.

The twistlock sensor of this system is made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant 1.4542 stainless steel, whose properties are particularly suitable for the transducer’s application area. As output signals, there is a choice of active current output (4 … 20 mA) and CANopen® and CAN SAE J1939 digital outputs.


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