WIKA Thermocouple (TC10-B)

For additional thermowell


  • Machine building, plant and vessel construction
  • Energy and power plant technology
  • Chemical industry
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Sanitary, heating and air-conditioning technology

Special features

  • Sensor ranges from -40 … +1,200 °C [-40 … +2,192 °F]
  • With integrated fabricated protection tube
  • Spring-loaded measuring insert (replaceable)
  • Explosion-protected versions are available for many approval types (see data sheet page 2)

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Thermocouples of this series are designed for screw-fitting directly into the process, mainly in vessels and pipelines. These thermometers are suitable for liquid and gaseous media under moderate mechanical load and normal chemical conditions.

The protection tube from stainless steel is fully welded and screwed into the connection head. The interchangeable measuring insert can be removed without taking out the complete sensor from the plant. This enables inspection, measuring equipment monitoring or, when servicing is necessary, replacement while the plant is running. The choice of standard lengths assists with short delivery times and the possibility of stocking spare parts.

Insertion length, process connection, protection tube design, connection head, type and number of sensors, accuracy and connection method can each be selected to suit the respective application.

A large number of different explosion protection approvals are availabe for the TC10-C.

Optionally we can fit transmitters from the WIKA range into the connection head of the TC10-C.