WIKA Shear Beam (F3301, F33C1, F33S1)

With thin-film technology up to 100 kN


  • Industrial weighing technology
  • Machine building and plant construction, manufacturing automation
  • Theatre and stage construction
  • Chemistry and petrochemistry
  • Wheighing in safety applications

Special features

  • Measuring ranges 0 … 2 kN up to 0 … 100 kN
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel design
  • Integrated amplifier
  • High long-term stability, high shock and vibration resistance
  • Good reproducibility, simple installation

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Shear beams are designed for static and dynamic measurement tasks. They determine the shear forces in a wide scope of applications.

These load cells are often used for industrial weighing as well as for special machine constructions, production automation and stage systems. Furthermore, they are used in laboratory technology and in process industry to determine the torque. Appropriate technical and regional approvals are available as an option.

The load cells F3301 are made of high-strength, corrosionresistant stainless steel 1.4542, the properties are particularly suitable for the application areas of the load cells.

Besides the standard active current and voltage outputs (4 … 20 mA / 0 … 10 V) also digital outputs (CANopen®) are available as output signals. Redundant output signals are possible.

The shear beams are a part of our certified product ELMS1 overload protection (DIN EN ISO 13849-1 with PL d/Kat. 3).


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