WIKA Refractory Brick Stopper (RS80)

In line with the WIKA refractory brick drilling system


  • Prevents refractory brick from entering a TC82/TC83 Calitum® high-temperature thermocouple nozzle

Special features

  • Prepares an accurate and flat refractory brick top surface ready for drilling
  • Produces an accurate and smooth support face for the primary protection tube
  • Refractory brick stopper in accurate position inside of the process nozzle, adjusted to the nozzle height

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The refractory brick lining bottom face of a conventional 24/7 temperature monitoring technology must be even and flat before a hole can be drilled and a model TC82/TC83 Calitum® high-temperature thermocouple can be inserted. During installation of the refractory brick lining it’s possible that excess material e.g. glue or brick gets into the process nozzle.

Any excess of glue or brick at the bottom of the process nozzle causes the face to be irregular. Furthermore, a contact surface that is not flat can lead to an off-centre and inclined position of the bore.

Such a surface will cause the diamond core drill bit to start the hole off-centre and then continue at an angle to the nozzle. Due to an inexactly executed hole, there is a possibility that the high-temperature thermocouple will be installed in an inclined position, which can lead to break the first processside protection tube (primary protection tube) and secondary protection tube due to movement of refractory brick lining.

The WIKA refractory brick stopper keeps excess material out of the process nozzle. The protection will be realised via a sealing plate flush with the bottom of the process nozzle to reactor shell transition. Alternative preventive measures can’t be used reliably to keep residues away.