WIKA Refractory Brick Drilling System (RD80)

For process nozzle 4 … 6″ or DN 90 … DN 175


  • The use of the WIKA refractory brick drilling system produces the required straight hole on the centre line of the process nozzle transition

Special features

  • New installations shall be equipped with ASME 6″ [DN 150] process nozzles
  • Discuss existing process nozzles such as 2 … 4″ [DN 50 … DN 100] with WIKA authorised engineers
  • WIKA refractory brick stopper is available as part of the WIKA refractory brick drilling system
  • Available for immediate shipment

Sales Contact (Wika.sales@asyatrafo.com)




The WIKA refractory brick drilling system and suitable bit assembly is used to drill straight, accurate and centre line holes, through the refractory brick and lining of a thermal stage reactor out of a sulphur recovery unit (SRU) – Claus Process.

The drilling system is rigidly mounted to the process nozzle and works to keep the core drill bit concentric with and on the centre line of the nozzle while the first process-side protection tube (primary protection tube) hole is being drilled through the refractory brick lining.

The final result following that procedure is a straight and accurate hole that ensures a proper fit of the primary protection tube and the high-temperature thermocouples models TC82/TC83 Calitum® and having the temperature monitoring exactly on that point location of the operator’s needs.

The qualified installation procedure following the instructions of experienced personnel or supervisors allow the refractory brick to move in line with the protection tube, meanwhile the thermal reactor is in operation and compensates for the static behaviour of the independent high-temperature thermocouples models TC82/TC83 Calitum®. This technical innovation protects the thermocouple from breakage and also has multiple safety barriers.

We strongly advise not to drill this important and precisely fitting hole hands-free and without using a WIKA refractory brick drilling system.

Please contact authorised personnel immediately if you need