WIKA Protection Tube (TW22)

For sanitary applications


  • Sanitary applications
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Bio and pharmaceutical industry, production of active ingredients

Special features

  • Materials and surface finish quality in accordance with the standards of hygienic design
  • Fully welded
  • Can be combined with models TR21-A and TR22-A electrical resistance thermometers, measuring insert exchangeable
  • Can be combined with mechanical thermometers, resistance thermometers and DiwiTherm®

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The model TW22 protection tube is used to adapt thermometers and measuring inserts to the process and protects the sensor against harsh process conditions. The protection tube is mounted to a weld-in nozzle equipped with a respective hygienic connection and is built in pipelines and tanks.

Due to the rotatable threaded connection, the connection head or display can be loosened and adjusted to the desired position.

With a combination of a model TR21-A or TR22-A resistance
thermometer, the connection head is removable along with the measuring insert. This enables the thermometer to be calibrated along with the complete measuring chain, i.e. without disconnecting the electrical connections. In addition, this avoids having to open the process, and thus the risk of contamination is minimised.