WIKA Primary Protection Tube (TW83)

For high-temperature thermocouple


  • Best-possible protection of high-temperature thermocouples e.g. in sulphur recovery units (SRU)
  • For process nozzles with nominal widths 4″ and 6″
  • Process industry: Oil and gas, petrochemical industry, chemical industry

Special features

  • For horizontal and vertical installation
  • Can be used with thermocouple models TC80, TC82, TC83 Calitum® or TC84
  • High mechanical stability

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The primary protection tube (first process-side protection tube) effectively protects the thermocouple from damage caused by thermally induced movement of the refractory lining during the operation of the reactor.

Furthermore, the primary protection tube, when properly installed, effectively delays corrosion damage to the flange nozzle caused by aggressive process media.