WIKA Pressure Controller (CPC3050)

High-speed version


  • High-speed controlling
  • End of line production testing
  • Pressure calibration
  • Automotive, oil and gas industry

Special features

  • Pressure ranges: -1 … 210 bar [-15 … 3,045 psi]
  • Control speed < 4 seconds for 25 % FS steps
  • Accuracy: to 0.02 % FS
  • PACE emulation

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The model CPC3050 high-speed pressure controller is designed with a primary focus on improving throughput in a manufacturing or calibration process. Offering pressure ranges as low as 0 … 350 mbar [0 … 5 psi] up to 210 bar [3,045 psi], the CPC3050 can be the solution for multiple applications. This controller can be configured as a desktop or as a 19″ rack-mounting version.
Capable of two internal reference sensors and a barometric reference, a single CPC3050 can provide a wide range of pressure control and also emulate both absolute or gauge pressure types. The removable sensors provide more flexibility for customer needs, whether it be spare sensors or various ranges.

The CPC3050 has an accuracy of 0.02 % FS and uses a regulator technology that is designed specifically for high-speed pressure control; ideal for end of line testing of an automated production and manufacturing line.

Along with the high speed, the 0.02 % FS accuracy provides adequate calibration requirements for numerous instruments designed for the automotive and oil/gas industry.

The CPC3050 high-speed pressure controller can be operated locally through a simple and intuitive menu that allows users to control and measure pressure.
Additionally, it is capable of remote control with software that can drive all the same functions as local operation. Using serial, USB, Ethernet or GPIB, the CPC3050 can be completely setup to function automatically in a process and achieve optimal output of a manufacturing process. With the Mensor legacy command set, along with PACE emulated commands, it can also be a solution for previously defined software.


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