WIKA Pre-Volume Deflagration Flame Arrester (910.21)

For mounting to zone 0 (EPL Ga)


  • For mounting to zone 0 (EPL Ga)
  • Prevents the flame transmission from the instrument side to the process side in the event of a failure
  • Integrated into a pressure measuring instrument or diaphragm seal system

Special features

  • Fulfils the requirements of flame arresters in accordance with EN ISO 16852
  • With ATEX and IECEx approval

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The model 910.21 pre-volume deflagration flame arrester enables the mounting of pressure measuring instruments and diaphragm seal systems in areas with requirements to EPL Ga (zone 0).

The model 910.21 is expertly connected to a measuring instrument at the factory to form a measuring assembly.
The pre-volume deflagration flame arrester enables the flow of fluids, but prevents the flame tranmission from the instrument side (unprotected side) to the process side (protected side) in the event of a failure.

The pre-volume deflagration flame arrester, integrated ex-works, is available for pressure gauges with Ex approval as well as for diaphragm seal systems with Ex-approved measuring instruments.

The model 910.21 fulfils the requirements of the harmonised standard EN ISO 16852 for flame arresters.

With approvals in accordance with ATEX and IECEx, European and international safety requirements for explosion protection are fulfilled.