WIKA Pneumatic Dead-Weight Tester (CPB3500)


  • Primary standard for calibrating the pressure scale in a pneumatic range from -1 … 120 bar (-14,5 … 1.600 lb/in²)
  • Reference instrument for factory and calibration laboratories for the testing, adjustment and calibration of pressure measuring instruments
  • Complete, stand-alone system, also suitable for on-site use

Special features

  • Total measurement uncertainty starting from 0.015 … 0.006 % of reading
  • Four different piston-cylinder systems available for ranges ±1 bar, 0.1 … 7 bar, 0.2 … 25 bar, 1 … 70 bar and 1 … 120 bar, or also for ranges in lb/in² and kPa
  • Stable aluminium base with a strong impact-resistant ABS cover for heavy industrial use combined with compact dimensions and light weight
  • Interchangeable pistons and mass sets for each model, mass sets manufactured from stainless steel
  • Factory calibration includes traceability to national standards, as standard; with UKAS calibration possible as an option

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Proven primary standard
The model CPB3500 dead-weight tester is a genuine primary standard, which derives the measurement of pressure directly from its fundamental equation p = F/A.
This mechanical measurement principle provides superior reliability and stability over time, eliminates most risks of measurement error and reduces calibration uncertainties. It makes the CPB3500 the ideal tool for the calibration of any type of pressure measuring instruments on a daily basis.

Robustness and modularity
The instrument is built on a tough, stable aluminium base with light weight corrosion and impact-resistant ABS case.

Piston cylinders are interchangeable among the various models within the CPB3500, so that in case of changing requirements any CPB3500 tester can easily be upgraded on other available ranges.
Mass sets are fully interchangeable between pistons of the same range within the claimed standard accuracy. The mass set is made of non-magnetic stainless steel so that masses remain extremely stable over time.
Bases can also be quickly converted into a comparator by substituting suitable transfer standard for the piston and mass set.


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