WIKA Nozzle Thermocouple (TC47-NT)

For the plastics machinery industry


  • Plastics and rubber industry
  • Nozzle extensions on injection mould machines
  • Manifolds for injection mould machines
  • Compression platens
  • Packaging

Special features

  • The sensor is fixed with a pre-determined threaded bolt and mounted into the process
  • The nozzle thermocouples are a low profile in design
  • Extension cable is available in a variety of insulation and jacketed materials. These include fibreglass, PTFE or PVC to name a few.
  • With or without stainless steel overbraid
  • Interchangeable and easily replaceable

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The TC47-NT nozzle thermocouple is a general purpose temperature sensor designed to suit applications where low profile temperature detection is required. The thermocouple sensor is designed to sense temperature in a pre-determined threaded hole.

The nozzle thermocouple is held in place with a threaded bolt. This allows the sensor to have a positive pressure at the tip when installed correctly. Due to the construction design, these sensors can be applied in areas that have a harsh environment that need a good positive securing method.