WIKA Monoflange (IVM)

Process and instrument version


  • Shut-off and venting of pressure measuring instruments
  • Flange connection of instruments with threaded connections to pipelines or vessels
  • For aggressive liquids, gases and vapours, also in aggressive environments
  • Oil and gas industry, chemical and petrochemical industries, power plants, primary metals

Special features

  • Compact design with low number of potential leakage points reduces overall weight
  • Threaded mounting of bonnets not wetted to avoid seizure and leaks
  • Smooth valve actuation, even under high pressure, leads to fault-free operation and long service life
  • Metal valve seat with leak-tested tightness in accordance with BS6755 / ISO 5208 leakage rate A
  • Instrument version for “fugitive emissions” according to TA-Luft and ISO 15848-1

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Due to its one-piece design, the model IVM monoflange can withstand high overpressures. It ensures a robust and compact mounting of the measuring instrument directly to the process flange. The use of metal and graphite seals allows working at high temperatures.

In combination with pressure measuring instruments, diaphragm seals or level measuring instruments, the valves are suitable for use in critical applications like refineries or steam generation systems. The IVM monoflange can be used for “fugitive emissions” in chemical applications or for processes with critical gases. The bubble-tight leak-tested metal seat makes these valves perfectly suitable for sour gases and natural gas processing or nitrogen production plants.

The super-finished machining of the internal parts of the monoflange, such as spindle and spindle tip, allows a very smooth and precise operation, even at high pressures, and avoids leaks or seizure of the valve. The OS&Y bonnet has been specifically developed in accordance with the highest international standards for the direct mounting of IVM monoflanges on pipelines or vessels.

WIKA offers the professional assembly of different instruments and valves into ready-to-install hook-up solutions.