WIKA Magnetic Switch (BGU)

For bypass level indicators


  • Magnetic switches for detecting the limits of levels in bypass or top-mounted level indicators
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries, oil and natural gas extraction (on- and offshore)
  • Shipbuilding, machine building
  • Power generating equipment, power plants
  • Pharmaceutical, food, water treatment, environmental engineering industries

Special features

  • Proper functioning, even under extreme environmental influences, e.g. dirt, humidity, gases, dust, chips
  • Compact and operationally safe design
  • Mounting of the switches at the magnetic display with T-slot or with tightening strap
  • Process temperature of -60 … +380 °C (depending on version)

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The model BGU magnetic switches serve to detect the limits of levels in bypass or top-mounted level indicators. They generate a binary signal which can be fed to downstream signalling or control equipment. Bistable versions enable the storage of signals.

The magnetic switches are mounted to the magnetic display with sliding blocks or directly to the level indicator with a tightening strap. The magnetic switches are available with different approvals and with SIL 1.

For selecting the optimum switch (switch model, approval, switching option, cable length, cable material) we offer application-related technical advice.


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