WIKA Installation Rod (IR80)

For high-temperature thermocouple


  • Process industry: Oil and gas, petrochemical industry, chemical industry
  • Sulphur recovery units (SRU)

Special features

  • Simple, quick and safe installation of high-temperature thermocouples
  • Suited for horizontal and vertical installation
  • Can be used with flanged thermocouples models TC80, TC82, TC83 Calitum® or TC84
  • Combines high mechanical stability and low weight
  • Applicable for all common flange and thermometer dimensions from ASME 2″

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The installation rods facilitate the fitting of high-temperature thermocouples in flange nozzles.

They reduce the risk of breaking the ceramic protection tube due to impermissible thermal or mechanical loading during fitting.

In addition, the installation rods facilitate compliance with the recommended insertion speeds in accordance with DIN 43724, especially for heavy thermometers in both vertical and horizontal mounting positions.