WIKA Industrial mV/V Measuring İnstruments (E1930)

With multi-function display


  • Precision scales
  • Industrial scales
  • Machine building and plant construction, manufacturing automation

Special features

  • 5-digit digital display, easy to read up to 50 m
  • High accuracy: 0.02 % of reading +3 μV
  • Extensive functions easy to set on the instrument or via PC
  • Plug-in expansion cards, analogue output, 2 or 4 limit values, serial interface
  • Ingress protection IP65

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mV/V measuring instruments as a display for the panel mounting or as a large display E1930 are well suited for numerous applications because of their accuracy and being easy to read. Measured values and the status of the relay outputs are shown on the 5-digit digital multi-function display. The measuring instruments also offer a totalizer as well as Min/Max memory.

The connection to the corresponding force transducer and the parameterisation are usually performed by the customer for this model. Programming the instrument is menu-driven. Any strain gauge force transducer (a maximum of 4 sensors of 350 Ω in parallel) with an output signal of up to max. ±4.8 mV/V or ±48 mV/V can be connected. The internal sensor supply is either DC 5 or 10 V.

Requests and parameterisation of different values are possible by way of the optional serial interface. The optional 2 or 4 relays allow the monitoring of falling below or exceeding limit values. In addition, a 0/4 … 20 mA output signal is available for analogue evaluation. Disruptive signals can be eliminated by filter setting options.


  • Large display with 10 mm high LED, easy to read from 50 m
  • Large display with a robust enclosing case made of aluminium
  • DC voltage supply


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