WIKA High-Temperature Thermocouple (TC82)


  • Chemical, petrochemical industry
  • Sulphur Recovery Units (SRU)

Special features

  • Purge connection to increase lifetime of the thermocouple (option)
  • Increased safety through internal sealing system
  • High variance of protection tube materials
  • With temperature transmitter or field transmitter available
  • Integral display in the connection head possible

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This high-temperature thermocouple has been specifically developed for use in hazardous applications. A protection tube made from high-temperature ceramic or siliconcarbide, with or without an additional inner tube, protects the thermocouple from the process medium as well as mechanical damage.

For particularly critical applications as e.g. sulphur recovery units, we offer designs with purge gas connection, to prevent the thermocouple by poisoning by the aggressive process atmosphere.

Hermetically sealed junctions prevent toxic gases from being able to escape the reactor. The high temperatures in the process place very high demands on protection tubes and thermocouples. These process conditions often lead to shutdowns and interruptions in operation. The special design of this Ex-approved high-temperature thermometer can significantly improve life expectancy of the thermocouple and reduce downtime.