WIKA High-Pressure Ball Valve (HPBV)

Nominal pressure up to 20,000 psi [1,379 bar]


  • Process industry: Oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical industries, power generation, water and wastewater
  • For liquid media (e.g. water, hydraulic oil) in high-pressure applications
  • Test benches (e.g. for hydraulic components)
  • High-pressure panels
  • Wellhead control panels (WHCPs) and hydraulic power units (HPUs)

Special features

  • Maximum safety ensured by blow-out proof valve stem and ball
  • Low-torque operation combined with long service life due to special valve design
  • Minimum pressure drop assured by straight-through flow path
  • Bidirectional flow capability
  • Nominal pressures of 10,000 psi [689 bar], 15,000 psi [1,034 bar] or 20,000 psi [1,379 bar] depending on the connection size

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The model HPBV high-pressure ball valve in floating ball design has been developed for high-pressure applications.

With the blow-out proof design of the valve, working safety is ensured, especially in applications with high pressure loading and frequent pressure cycles. The possibility of retightening the gland nut of the valve seat extends the service life of the valve. The valve seat made of PEEK offers excellent resistance to chemicals, heat and wear. The valve can be fully opened/closed with only a quarter turn.

The model HPBV ball valve, together with the associated accessories, provides the performance demanded by the market. The valve design and high-quality sealing materials ensure long operating time and high leak tightness.

On request, WIKA offers the professional assembly of valves and pressure measuring instruments and also other accessories into a ready-to-install solution, also known as an instrument hook-up. To ensure the performance of the complete system, an additional leak test is carried out on the instrument hook-up.