WIKA Gas Recovery Bag (GA45)


  • Intermediate storage of SF6 gas after gas analysis

Special Features

  • Low weight and easily transportable
  • Cost-effective version to prevent SF6 gas emissions
  • Compatible with all WIKA gas analysis instruments
  • With overpressure valve as burst protection
  • Resistant to decomposition products

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The double-skinned GA45 gas recovery bag is manufactured from extremely durable and gas-tight plastic. This design has been made specifically for the harsh conditions within switchgears.

The gas recovery bag is constructed so that the usual SF6 gas decomposition products also can be safely stored in it.

Environmentally friendly
The portable gas recovery bag serves as intermediate storage for SF6 gas after gas analyses. SF6 produces the greatest greenhouse effect of all known gases, and is mentioned explicitly in the Kyoto protocol.

The recovery bag is designed so that it needs hardly any space when folded. When unrolled, the recovery bag can hold up to 110 litres of gas.



Easy to use
The gas recovery bag is delivered with a hose which connects to the respective analysis instrument via a self-closing quick coupling. For burst protection, an overpressure valve is included in the bag, which prevents the bag from bursting should the relative pressure reach 80 mbar.

A full gas recovery bag can be evacuated for reuse. The WIKA GTU10 gas transfer unit is suitable for this. The gas can be liquefied in a gas cylinder to save space or can be pumped back into the gas compartment alternatively.

With the lightweight gas recovery bag, the need for the difficult transport of compressors for direct pumping back can be avoided.


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