WIKA Digital Limit Switch (EGS80)


  • Cranes, hoists
  • Conveyor system
  • Machine building and plant construction
  • Manufacturing automation

Special features

  • Analogue input 0/4 … 20 mA 2- and 3-wire
  • Galvanic isolation, line break (LB) and short-circuit (SC) monitoring
  • Easy setting of extensive functions on the instrument or via PC software
  • Two potential-free relay contacts (change-over) with status LED and a freely-programmable analogue output (0 … 20 mA)
  • Up to SIL 2 in accordance with IEC 61508

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The EGS80 limit switch is suitable for a multitude of measuring requirements. It is used universally, in combination with force transducers of all types or load cells, in force or weight monitoring in conveyor systems, cranes, hoists etc. This limit switch allows galvanic isolation between field circuits and control circuits and can also be used as a galvanic isolator.

Both 2- and 3-wire transmitters as well as active sources with signal 0/4 … 20 mA can be connected. The input has line break and cable short-circuit monitoring. As outputs, there are 2 relays and one active current output 0/4 … 20 mA available. The current output is freely scalable. The measured value display is a small LC display – 17 different display units, such as kg, t, N, bar etc. are selectable.


It is operated via the control panel on the front of the instrument or via the free PC software. The software enables easy and fast parameterisation. A file with the setting parameters can be created, saved and loaded into any model EGS80 limit switch. If several instruments must be parameterised identically, the time required is significantly reduced. An adapter cable for the PC connection with “SUB-D9/25 to audio plug” or “USB type A to audio plug” can be supplied as an option.


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