WIKA Analogue Cable Amplifier (B1940)

For strain gauge measuring bridges


  • Machine building and plant construction
  • Manufacturing automation
  • Industrial weighing technology

Special features

  • High accuracy
  • Input signal: strain gauge measuring bridge; Output signal: 0/4 … 20 mA or DC 0 … 10 V
  • Cable length between amplifier and read-out unit: up to 100 m are possible
  • Compact design
  • Ingress protection IP67

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The B1940 analogue cable amplifier is used to adapt the output signal of strain gauge force transducers to indicators or to a downstream controller.

Through the compact form of its case, it can be fastened almost anywhere with a simple screw clamp. The case corresponds to IP67 ingress protection and is thus suitable for use in harsh environments.

All strain gauge force transducers that can be operated with a DC voltage can be connected. With the combination of the cable amplifier with a force transducer, this force unit can be adjusted in line with customer wishes.

The supply voltage of DC 18 … 30 V ensures a direct connection to a PLC. This usually features a 24-volt supply voltage. The analogue output enables the direct signal processing in the PLC.


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