WIKA Analogue Amplifier (EZE10)

PCB or DIN-rail mounting


  • Industrial weighing technology
  • Machine building and plant construction
  • Manufacturing automation

Special features

  • Good linearity
  • Voltage and current output
  • Compact design
  • Optional, continuous adjustment of zero point and full scale
  • Optional with adapter board for DIN-rail mounting

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The model EZE10 amplifier is used to adapt the output signal of strain gauge force transducers to digital displays or to a downstream controller.

Via the integrated connector strip, the amplifier can be plugged onto a printed circuit board. For mounting in a control cabinet, an optional adapter board for DIN-rail mounting in accordance with DIN EN 50022 is available. All strain gauge force transducers that can be operated with a DC voltage can be connected.


The measuring range and any existing preload (tare) can be adjusted locally via DIP switches. A finely trimmed signal is usually not necessary for PLCs. The supply voltage of DC 12 … 24 V ensures the direct connection to PLCs.

Optionally, the available adapter board can also be delivered with potentiometers for fine trimming. Interfering signals can be reduced with the low-pass filter on the input.


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