WIKA Pressure Sensor with IO-Link (A-1200)

PNP or NPN switching output

Applications of the pressure sensor with IO-Link

  • Machine tools
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Automation engineering
  • Special-purpose machine building

Special features of the pressure sensor with IO-Link

  • Industry 4.0-ready IO-Link sensor improves connectivity and diagnostics
  • Designed for rough demands of up to 1,000 g shock and -40 … +125 °C [-40 … +257 °F]
  • Optimised design makes OEM machine integration easier
  • Multicolour 360° LED status display simplifies troubleshooting and localisation

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The model A-1200 is a pressure sensor without display that can be flexibly programmed via IO-Link and used in a variety of ways − whether for pressure monitoring or as an electronic PNP/NPN switch for process control.

More safety through digital connectivity

Thanks to IO-Link, the model A-1200 pressure sensor is ideal for use in intelligent machines. To ensure precise measurement results over the long term, the pressure sensor has integrated diagnostic functions that monitor the instrument status. In addition, the model A-1200 can be configured externally and conveniently via the digital signal and adjusted at any time.

Robust and durable, even in harsh environments

The robust version of pressure sensor with IO-Link has been designed specifically for extreme environmental conditions. With a welded M12 x 1 connector, this can easily withstand shock loads of up to 1,000 g. It is designed for medium temperatures between -40 … +125 °C and can therefore be integrated into almost any application. Downtime and associated maintenance expenses and costs decrease significantly due to the stable design.

Simple OEM integration

The integration of the model A-1200 pressure sensor into OEM series production is accomplished quickly. The sensors can be preset by WIKA based on the customer‘s desired parameters. Alternatively, automated IO-Link programming can shorten the configuration time in the factory.

Fast maintenance thanks to visual feedback

A 360° LED status display provides visual information about the sensor status. The green (OK), yellow (critical state) or red (error) signal enables intuitive and fast error detection and correction. For maintenance, a blinking function via IO-Link facilitates the clear localisation of a pressure sensor. Confusion is prevented and maintenance is accelerated.