Transformer Service

Periodical maintenance of transformer components including tap changer, sealing parts, bushing and Bucholz are carried out via our technical service. In addition mobile low frequency heating and oil treatment at field are other technical expertises of our company.

On Site Test and Measurement Applications

  • Voltage turn ratio test

  • Check of phase displacement

  • FRA (Frequency Response Analizing) test

  • Winding and core insulation resistance measurements (Megger 5 kV)

  • Windings capacitance and tan delta tests

  • Excitation current test (Windings & Bushings)

  • Magnetic balance test

  • Short circuit empedance test (%Uk)

  • Zero -sequence impedance(s) on 3 phase trf. (%Zo)

  • Winding resistance test

  • Noisy level test

  • No-load harmonic test

  • On-load tap changer operational tests

  • Power taken by the fan and oil pump motors

  • Neutral grounding resistance tests

  • Oil or gas anaylze tests

  • Online and offline generator tests


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